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Meet your host!

Hi. I’m Summer. And there’s simply nothing that I’m more passionate about than bellies. More specifically what is happening inside of yours.

I’ll brag a little and tell you that I’m one of the leading experts in the world on fermented foods, probiotics, your microbiome (that’s the mix of the buggies that live inside of your digestive system) and how to optimize your gut health to maximize your overall health.

I’ve successfully coached thousands and thousands of people who’ve suffered from sensitive digestive systems, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and other mysterious ailments by focusing on healing their digestion.

This Project is about giving you direct access to the leading experts in the field… these are the peeps I go to for advice, so that you can be empowered and knowledgeable about how to actually heal your gut.

Plus, we’re going to have fun. Yes… we’ll talk about food. And farting. And bacteria…

Oh my.

I’m so glad you’re here. Your belly (and your health) will thank you for it.

Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors!

A Special Message About the Better Belly Project 2.0!

Dr Mariza Snyder
Jessica Drummond